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What is the difference between the Indie, Advanced, and Ultimate courses and which course is best for me?

Unreal Engine for Indie Filmmakers: This course is more holistic, focusing on various aspects of filmmaking. It involves using live actors shot on a green screen, combined with environments created in Unreal Engine. The course covers pre-production, production, and post-production. We use Adobe After Effects for keying, camera tracking, and compositing, making it suitable for After Effects users.

Unreal Engine for Advanced Filmmakers: This course delves deeper into post-production using Unreal Engine. We've included DaVinci Resolve for keying and color grading, catering to DaVinci Resolve Users. This course also features using AI-generated backgrounds and is intended as either a continuation of the Indie course or for those preferring DaVinci Resolve over After Effects.

For filmmakers who want a comprehensive understanding of both sho
oting and post-production techniques, including DaVinci Resolve and AI backgrounds, the Ultimate Course Bundle combines both courses into one.

Each course's details are available on the course page.

The overall length of your course appears quite short, especially given its extensive scope. Is it truly possible to cover all the material effectively in such a condensed timeframe?
Indeed, it is possible. I prefer tutorials that are concise and direct, which is why I design my courses in the same manner. In my courses, every word is carefully scripted and considered to ensure clear, efficient communication of information in the least amount of time. I invite you to join the course to see for yourself.

If you don't find the information you need, I offer a full refund guarantee.

Do I need any knowledge to start the course?

Having at least a basic knowledge of Unreal Engine is recommended. If you're starting from scratch, watching a beginner tutorial on YouTube is advisable. Within 10 to 15 minutes, you should be able to grasp the basics.


Will this course work with the newest version of Unreal Engine?

Yes. The 'UE for Indie Filmmakers' course was created in Unreal Engine 5.0, and the 'UE for Advanced Filmmakers' course in Unreal Engine 5.3. I assure you that all techniques taught in both courses are fully compatible with the latest version of Unreal Engine and all other software.


Will I get FREE access to future updates by purchasing this training?

Absolutely. I have plans for future updates to the UE for Advanced Filmmakers course to introduce you to new advanced techniques. Attendees of this course will have access to all future updates for free.

Can I download the video lessons to view offline?

Yes, once you join the course you will be able to download and save all the videos.

Can I hire you for my project?
Yes, you can hire me for your film or video.
Please follow the "Hire me" section for further information.


Are you doing professional consultations?

Yes, I do professional consultations.
Please follow the "Hire me" section for further information.


I want you to create a music video for me. How much is it?

The budget of most of the videos you can find in my portfolio ranged from $5,000 to $100,000. I'd need to know your creative vision to get a better estimate. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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