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My services are at your disposal for your video project. I offer the following specialized assistance:

My services include a complete suite of video production capabilities, covering every stage -

pre-production, production (shooting in Prague), and post-production. I provide a full range of services, from crafting the initial storyboard to delivering the polished final video. My production company is dedicated to managing every detail of the process, ensuring a seamless and high-quality production experience.

If your project involves green screen work, consider bringing me on board as your VFX Supervisor. I'll assist in planning your shoot and be on-site to ensure everything runs smoothly. My role is crucial in guaranteeing that the VFX shots are expertly filmed and lit, paving the way for a seamless post-production process and minimizing potential issues.

As a DOP, I will translate your ideas into cinematic excellence.
With a decade of experience in cinematography and a focus on Green Screen technology, I bring your creative visions to life.
My expertise not only covers cinematography and shooting but also extends to overseeing every aspect of the filming process, ensuring that the footage is perfectly suited for post-production.

As a seasoned music video director with a portfolio spanning several hundred projects, my recent focus has been on utilizing virtual sets and Unreal Engine technology to bring creative visions to life. My expertise, however, is not limited to this modern technique; I am well-versed in a variety of filming styles. I would be delighted to bring my experience and innovative approach to your music video project.

I'm skilled in delivering complete video post-production, employing original techniques that merge green screen footage with Unreal Engine's vast possibilities. This service ideally complements the work of a VFX supervisor or DOP, ensuring that your footage is not just correctly processed, but also expertly shot

Interested in assistance with your project or need a discussion? Feel free to utilize my consulting services. Simply book an appointment, and I'll be fully at your disposal to help and guide you.



If you want to talk about your project or have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me anytime."

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